Kelly went to the doctor's office for an annual physical. She had the doctor who asked her to take off all her clothes so he could take a good look at her. She was weighed and had her back checked for scoliosis. Then Kelly had to lay down and spread her legs open wide for a gynecological exam. Finally, he got an anal thermometer and stuck it in her tight asshole for a quick check on her temp!

Gina has a big crush on Doctor Richards and couldn't wait for her next physical. When the day arrived, as he was examining her, she slyly slide her hand down his pants. He tried to pull away, but her strong grip on his dick couldn't be broken. Doctor Richards new he should stop the situation from escalating any further, but Gina was looking too hot for him to handle. So he got undressed and banged her on top of the patient table!

Carrie was feeling under the weather so she made an appointment to see her doctor. Her usual doctor was on vacation and she got a new male doctor this time. He had Carrie strip down so he could give her a thorough checkup. She was weighed, had her heart and lungs checked, then the doctor spread her legs apart so he could get a good look at her pussy. He spent a long time prodding her vagina and asshole to make sure she was completely healthy!

Joe ran into his buddy Rico who was on his way to the doctor's office for a physical. He heard that the nurse he's about to see is a huge slut. When he gets into the examination room and takes off his shirt, the nurse gets really turned on. She checked his heartbeat then went straight for his cock, pulling it out and sucking on it. The nurse took off her top, revealing her big breasts, then bent over the table as Rico fucked her deep in the pussy. She finished off the "exam" by getting the patient's stiff cock up her tight asshole!

Harriet made an appointment for an annual gynecological exam with Dr. Williams. She was told to remove all her clothing, and when Dr. Williams saw her perfect ass and perky breasts he couldn't help but get turned on. He got her to lie down on the table and spread her legs so he could insert a speculum and give her a pap smear. Then he had her flip over and probed her tight asshole with his finger! The exam was finished off as Dr. Williams checked Harriet's temperature with a rectal thermometer!

Trisha went to the doctors for a check up even though it makes her nervous. She was having some throat problems that she wanted her doctor to check out, but since she hadn't been to see him since she was a little girl, he gave her the full physical exam. The doctor started off with a breast exam, kneading her soft white skin, then proceeded to spread her legs for a pap smear. He finished her off by sticking his finger deep in her ass and taking her temperature with an anal thermometer!