updated : Oct.20'2009

1. We Do only Designs/ Layout
2. Right now we dont do logo/toon designs as a order, We do it with layout designs exclusively (logo + designs layout include)
3. We dont do major modifications due of some issues with original designers and we can't use it as our portfolio (contact us about it)
4 . Right now we dont do tabless/CSS (coming soon)... we delivered our designs on html(sliced)-optional, psd and fonts
5. We need 50% downpayment to start with , updating you on screenshots(watermark version) , then 50% remaining before we finalize
6. Email or contact us for the info/things we need, basically we quote you based on the info
7. We have Revisions Period, All the request or revisions will be made within 2 weeks , more than 2 weeks we consder as with pay . Revision Period will be start after the designs is done ( this include designs , colors , etc)
8. We Still do Minor Revisions even 2 weeks done just for the following : wrong background , add tables , alignments , wrong tables, and cut head or any parts on the pics only
8. We dont do Integrations , but we can recommend someone
9. We dont do refunds , before you do business with us , please check our portfolio and testimonials first. also when you do 100% downpayment , it said that you satisfy on it or else we do some changes on it until you satisfy. Some people using "Refunds" to entitle to steal some designs works or to have big discounts or sometimes if they didn't get a refund(but they already get the designs include psd) they warned to post it on boards and called us scammers, which we didn't tolerate that!
10.Email/ICQ Conversations is not include on timeframe/deadline , We consider the project start if the client done for initial payment.
11.if we not already start the initial designs within a 4-5days (if you done with downpayment) ,talk with us, we can give another arrangement or refund with it. Sometime our reason with this is personal matters which not include business.